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Why we continue to be optimistic about the Economy…

By In Uncategorized On June 28, 2011

Lately we hear “gloom and doom” about the economy and how the turn-around has come to a halt with unemployment rising and “despair” setting in.  However it is hard to feel the same way when the networks garnered strong increases in the Upfronts and our clients are still hiring.  And take a walk down Fifth Avenue or Michigan Avenue,  the sidewalks are packed and the stores are busy.  Luxury sales are on the increase and everywhere I look, people are carrying shopping bags.

Today economists are beginning to agree with us – the economy is going to get stronger.  In fact, many analysts are saying the 2nd half of 2011 should be much stronger than the last 6 months.  Gas prices are coming down and manufacturing is starting to rebound.  Some are even saying the unemployment rate will drop to 8.5-8.7%.   

As we approach the holiday weekend, we look forward to continuing good news about the economy and more jobs for more people.