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Why I am Optimistic – The Job Market, The Economy and More…

By In Uncategorized On November 15, 2010

There is a war for talent – the WSJ devoted the front page of the marketing section (11/12/2010)  to the reasons behind Google’s forthcoming 10% raise.  Companies are fighting to retain talented professionals in most areas as the job market tightens.  This is good news for media professionals especially those with digital expertise.

And on an even more positive note in a recent article about college students and young adults today, they expressed optimism about life overall.  In spite of the tough times we have experienced these last few years,  students today are “upbeat about their future” and over 80% said life was “pretty good” or great.   And if we look around us and see all of our accomplishments and how far we have come, there is much to celebrate. 

Our economy is slowing getting back on track, companies are hiring and even giving raises.  We have come through one of toughest economic periods of our lifetimes and looking forward to better times next year.  It isn’t even New Year’s yet but let’s begin the celebration.