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What’s Hot/What’s Not!

By In Uncategorized On August 23, 2010

Interesting article in today’s WSJ (8/23/2010) addressing the rebound in advertising and media dollars.  The industry is picking up and we have seen an increase in hiring especially digital.  But not all areas of media are picking up!
Automotives are spending again (good news for Detroit) and financial services as well as CPG are investing in advertising/media. And even though sales for movie tickets are up 10%, advertising dollars are down.  Perhaps the studios don’t need to spend as much since going to the movies is perceived as a good escape from bad news on the job front!

Pharma is also down – no new big interesting/exciting medications being introduced and concern about regulation in the industry.  But I think this will change as health care becomes an accepted fact and more people have insurance and money to buy needed medicine.

Bottom line…ups and downs/good and bad but overall things are picking up for advertisers and spending.