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Wall Street Surge – Confidence or Confident?

By In Uncategorized On October 5, 2010

Big news on Wall Street today and some of this good news for stocks is based on improvement in the U.S. services industry.  There was a reported increase in demand by consumers  for the last 9 months.

The September jobs report will be  released on Friday and no one is expecting a big decline or increase.  However some analysts are saying that strong trading on Wall Street reflects positive news – in advance.

Since we are seeing a number of companies hiring especially in the digital space and consumers desire for new technology is unsurpassed, what does this exactly mean for the economy and for jobs.  In advertising, individuals with a background in online media and a passion for learning and growing are the ones being hired. 

We are confident that the economy will continue to rebound as our clients are seeking talented media professionals.