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Unemployment Decreases…Shopping Increases!

By In Uncategorized On April 7, 2011

Unemployment numbers are decreasing in cities across the country.    For example, the rate in Phoenix dropped from 9.3% to 8.8% and Austin went from 7.3% to 6.9% -well under the national average.  And if you really want to find a job, how about Lincoln, NE – the lowest unemployment rate in the country@ 4.2%.

And at the same time more people went back to work, they also went shopping.  March 2011 was actually a good month for retailers in spite of rising gas prices and uncertain world events.  And since Passover and Easter are in Mid to Late April, consumers have more time to shop for Spring fashions. 

This is encouraging news for consumers and corporations and in media we continue to see a need for digital planners and even traditional planners in all markets.  Assistant Media Planners with 8 months of experience are receiving offers for Media Planners with a significant increase in salary.