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Unemployment Claims falling…

By In Uncategorized On May 19, 2011

Good news on the economy released today – for the week ending 5/13/2011- fewer individuals filed for unemployment.   The numbers vary week to week and are often based on weather and other issues.  For example during the blizzard, claims were up because it was difficult to interview, find new positions, etc.

And in spite of the cold and late Spring, retailers have seen a pick-up.  Same-store sales increased 8.9% in April 2011 – consumers are spending again and buying new clothes after a tough few years.

And lately there have been a number of articles written about the difficult job market for new college graduates.  We have seen quite a few recent grads get jobs in media/advertising and one received multiple offers.  Having internships in the industry help as well as a high GPA.  Knocking on many doors, contacting alumni and friends and networking are also key.