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The Unemployment Rate VS Advertising/Media

By In Uncategorized On December 6, 2010

On Friday the unemployment rate increased surprising pretty much everyone since the economy appears to be on the upswing.  We may find out that this increase is a glitch but until then the mood about hiring remains gloomy.

However in advertising/media we are experiencing another reality – global ad spending is growing faster than expected and should end 2010 with an increase of 5.9% or more.

Digital media is driving this increase and as we have been seeing in our searches, there are more openings than candidates and companies are aggressively recruiting online talent.  Agencies and media companies are competing with other organizations for the same pool of candidates and some of the candidates are showing unbecoming behavior.  How about cancelling interviews a few hours prior to the meeting because he/she received another offer.  Not a great idea in any economy and in the long run this could hurt a person’s reputation.  However many of the digital candidates are hearing from recruiters daily and are highly desired.  So “blowing off” an interview or two means nothing to them.