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The Myth and Mystery of Unemployment…

By In Uncategorized On August 9, 2010

Every week we read about the jobless claims and the story is usually very grim.  However today the WSJ (8/9/2010) had an article entitled – “Firms Struggle to Hire Despite Unemployment.”

And as media recruiters we too are seeing this trend.  Why?  Because often the jobs that are available do not match the skill set of individuals who have been laid off.  In Media, our openings tend to be digitally focused – planners, supervisors, etc and it is imperative to have experience in online media in order to interview and get hired.

The world is changing and we must be open to new experiences and opportunities.  In order to stay current, explore new media and learn.  Embrace the unknown.

Most media professionals now have knowledge of digital media and are able to transition to 100% interactive positions if desired.