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The Benefits of Relocation

By In Uncategorized On August 1, 2011

There are many reasons to relocate from your city of birth during a lifetime – meeting new people, better or different weather, culture and a more intense or less stressful  lifestyle.  And now more money and a better job!

Some companies have a difficult time attracting talent to less popular locations and are paying higher salaries and benefits.  In today’s WSJ (8/1/2011),   companies are seeking talented professionals in NC, Nevada and Oklahoma.  These jobs tend to be for tech professionals but we are seeing the same trend in media/advertising.

We have positions in Houston, Winston-Salem, Boston, Seattle as well as Chicago, NYC and LA.
The openings outside of Chicago/NYC/LA tend to be harder to fill especially in cities like Houston or Winston-Salem where there isn’t a large advertising community.

And many of the smaller markets happen to be more family friendly and offer a lifestyle that is more affordable than NYC. 

Quality of life, good schools, strong sense of community – all of these factors may be attractive as we look at our lives and decide what’s next in our careers.