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Staying Current/Staying Employed

By In Uncategorized On October 11, 2010

From time-to-time we have spoken about the importance of staying current and adapting to changes in the workplace and work force.  Never is this more important than now. Why?  Because our lives and our jobs are changing daily and new skills are required.  In the past year, job openings have increased over 37% and many positions remain unfilled.  Why?  Candidates applying to these openings may not have meet or match the job requirements.  For example, we are seeing a high demand for digital/web analytics.  But there is a limited pool of candidates and our clients will not accept resumes that don’t match the criteria.

According to MSNBC, over 40% of the 15 million unemployed in this country have been out of work over 6 months.  Studies have shown that unemployed workers who take courses, improve skills have an easier time of finding new positions. 

It is critically important to success in these difficult times to take on more – ask to attend seminars, learn new skills and adapt to the changing dynamics of the work force.