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Resume Rehaul

By In Uncategorized On August 19, 2010

Though things are picking up in the media job market, it’s still tough to get a new job these days, and recent jobless claims only reinforces this.  Many people think that their experience should speak for itself and that they don’t need to spend much time on their resume.  This couldn’t be further from the truth as your resume is the first impression you will have with a company.  It surprises me that I still see misspellings of client names, poor grammar and bad formatting.  Here are some tips for rehauling your resume.

1. Grammar grammar grammar.  Make sure there are no spelling errors!  I still frequently see client names spelled wrong, and have even seen a current company spelled wrong, this from someone with ten years of media experience. 

2.  For candidates out of school for a couple years, it’s time to take the education from the top of the resume to the bottom.  It’s also probably time to take off much of the college experience, but still keep on any internships.  It’s time to take it from a post college graduate resume to someone who has now had a couple of years experience.  This is always a challenge for people, but your resume will look more professional in the end. 

3. Be specific!  Many people just put some vague bullet points about their current position, but you can and should be pretty specific.  Give some great examples of work you have accomplished on those accounts, talk about specific initiatives that you handled.  Our hiring managers like to see that you are different from all the other candidates they are seeing. 

Basically, just take some time with your resume.  After you have finished, print out a couple of copies and have some friends look it over with a critical eye. 

Everyone’s resume is different and you should really curtail it to the position you are going for at that time.  We have many more tips and would love to give you some pointers on your resume!  Just give us a call so we can go over it and then we can talk about some great openings that might be a fit for you!