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Need a job – Electricians, Carpenters, etc are in demand!

By In Uncategorized On August 25, 2010

The stock market is trending down, unemployment is stuck @ 9.5% or 9.4% in some cities but there is a shortage of skilled workers. 

Recently I read an article on stating that Carpenters and Electricians are in demand as well as other individuals with specialized skills.  And what is most interesting about this is younger workers don’t want to be perceived as blue collar workers and hesitate to train to become carpenters, etc.  However a plumber could make up to $75,000 – ever tried to call one on a weekend?  Did your sink back-up right before company arrived?  This has happened to me a number of times or the washing  machine overflowed and the basement floor was a mess!  Try calling a plumber and good luck,.

The job market is changing – and the needs for workers and employees today are very different than a few years ago.  We need to find a way to re-train unemployed individuals so we can once again have a society where jobs are plentiful.