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Making Linkedin Work for You

By In Uncategorized On October 1, 2010

In yesterday’s paper, The NY Times posted a great article about using Linkedin in business today.  While we have seen a huge jump in the past couple of years of the number of people having a Linkedin profile, we still see many people choose not to put their information on the site. But especially when looking for a job, it’s a great idea to get a profile set up so hiring managers can look at your experience.

Linkedin currently has 75 million people who use it, and many of those people are those actively looking for a job, and it’s free!  For candidates looking for a new role, it is our job to submit a resume to the hiring managers, but in this day and age hiring managers know they look elsewhere to gain some additional information.

Here are a couple of tips for your Linkedin profile:

  • For media professionals, get detailed with the type of accounts you work on, as well as what mediums you mainly handle
  • Use the recommendation section, and have people vouch for your work
  • If you are currently looking for a new position change your privacy settings to be a little more open so people can see what you’ve worked on
  • Use the status update section in a business professional way so that your profile keeps getting noticed by your contacts
  • Keep it professional.  This isn’t Facebook or Twitter, it’s a business tool.  Make sure any photos or information is listed in a professional way.

Basically, use the website to your advantage!  Linkin with colleagues, as well as Recruiters or Hiring Managers at the companies you’d like to work.  Linkedin in a great way to make yourself more marketable and get your name out there as well.

You can check out Sklar & Associates here on Linkedin as well, and ask us to Linkin!