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MadMen no more…Young Women outearning Men

By In Uncategorized On September 1, 2010

The WSJ and MSNBC both ran the same story today – Women are beginning to earn more than men.  Apparently  Unmarried Women without Children are making more than male counterparts in a number of cities.

And statistics still show that Single Income Households (women raising children on one salary) are at a disadvantage financially.  However in 47 of the top 50 cities, Women from 22-30 (without children) had higher incomes than male counterparts.  And the best city – Atlanta with NYC right behind.

So great news for college educated professional women who want to work – the money and jobs are there.  On the other hand, the birth rate in the US is the lowest in decades and this could create a problem down the road when there aren’t enough skilled and educated workers for jobs.  However we won’t see this for many years and things may change by then.