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Job Boards vs Recruiting

By In Uncategorized On January 19, 2011

A number of years ago when Monster was hot, people would tell me that recruiters would become obsolete and companies would depend on job boards like Monster, Career Builder, etc   And of course Monster didn’t put us out of business.  In fact over time companies stopped depending on job boards like Monster due to lack of qualified candidates.

In yesterday’s WSJ(1/18/2011), there is a great article saying exactly what I have thought over the last few years – companies are cutting back on posting jobs and/or relying on job boards for searches.  Mainly because these mass career sites don’t provide strong candidates with skill-sets necessary for media/advertising.

The best way to find individuals is the old-fashioned way – developing relationships over time, cold-calling and referrals.  With 13 years in media recruiting, we have developed a database of strong media candidates and are able to fill jobs through our personal relationships.