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Interviewing is Like Dating – Part III

By In Uncategorized On July 22, 2010

Just when I thought there is no more to say on the above subject, an article appears in Newsweek (July 26, 2010) that points out once again…interviewing is like dating!

Over 50% of Hiring Managers interviewed in this article by Newsweek indicated more attractive candidates have an easier time being hired …looks are even more important than education to some interviewers!  And I have heard that during the recession, Botox and other cosmetic procedures are actually on the increase because laid off older employees want to improve on personal presentation and style – makes sense to me.

And we are all struggling with the issue of ageism in our society – we have moved to a more dynamic, digital culture and companies are eager to hire individuals who have strong tech skills and are eager to learn.

Bottom line – it is important to do everything possible to make ourselves more marketable – learn, update our style and stay up-to-date on the fast moving digital world around us.