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How to Dress for an Interview…When Currently Employed!

By In Uncategorized On August 18, 2010

Often we are asked is to okay to dress casually for an interview and most of the time, we respond of course.  But of course with a caveat – casually means business casual with a Capital B and C! 

It is much easier for women – add pearls, good jewelry and you are ready to go but for men there is always a dilemna – suit or no suit.  Bottom line, dress up and not down for an interview.  If it means changing into a suit or dressier clothes in the bathroom, please do so.  Your first impression is always the most important one.

And dress to the interview – by this I mean if your client is a corporate one, wear a suit or dress up.  If you are meeting the CEO or Director of the entire agency, also dress up.  And most of all, if you aren’t employed now and are looking – do everything possible to look  your best.  And if this means wearing a suit, please do so. 

Even in these casual times, I dress up for meetings – why not I have the clothes and they are getting dusty in my closet.