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How Sklar Maximizes the Human Factor in Hiring

By In Uncategorized On May 13, 2014

Every candidate offers a unique set of personal skills and traits that are tough to sort out. The best fit depends on recognizing before the hire how those human factors will play out in the workplace.

Look at your organization: Any place for a bad hire to hide? Any cushion for costly mistakes? Calculating the human factor first avoids the long-term cost of a poor hire, and lets companies invest in people who really deliver.

Sklar & Associates helps media companies profit from a focus on person-to-person hiring. For example, we can:

• Read between the lines of a resume and cover letter
• Write or evaluate a job description for the key soft skills that go deeper than education and experience
• Ask penetrating questions that go to the heart of how someone will perform
• Interpret facial expressions, body language and mannerisms
• Give businesses an enlightened outside perspective on how their corporate culture affects hiring needs

We’re in regular contact with a carefully selected list of outstanding media professionals, and we’re continually sourcing, screening and evaluating. We’re ready to help you reach your business goals with candidates who fit positions as both people and professionals.
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