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Happy Employees/Recruiting Resources

By In Uncategorized On August 8, 2011

Great article in today’s WSJ ( 8/8/2011) – “over 75%  of departing employees won’t recommend former companies.” Ouch!  And this data is based on over 4,300 exit interviews from 80 companies.

Many of our clients rely heavily on current and former employees for recommendations when recruiting new media candidates.  We have also seen a number of positive initiatives including snacks/treats everyday from 2-3p, more summer and personal days, and a better work life balance in order to attract candidates and keep current employees happy and engaged in the organization.

Additionally a number of media companies make an all-out effort to approach former employees and re-hire them after a few years at a more senior level.

As the job market continues to recover in media/advertising, it is harder to keep employees happy when higher salaries are everywhere.  But money isn’t everything; studies have shown that personal satisfaction is more important to some people.