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Good News/Hiring Picks Up!

By In Uncategorized On October 25, 2010

As October comes to a close, we have much to celebrate.  The weather in Chicago has been fantastic and the stock market continues to make gains.  And the election is almost over.

Most of the good news for the stock market is based on home sales – in fact for the 2nd month, sales of new homes rose.  The stories of short sales and foreclosures are painful;  any positive momentum in the housing market is welcome.  Additionally many candidates are afraid to make a move out-of-state as they feel locked into a home worth less than the buying price.  Maybe we will see some movement here also.

But the best news is for employment and jobs!  According to the National Association of Business Economics, employment improved in 3rd Q 2010 to the highest level since the recession began in 2008! 

We continue to believe that the job market and the economy are on a steady improvement course.  Our clients are hiring and the main emphasis remains digital.