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Falling Unemployment – Is it raining jobs yet?

By In Uncategorized On September 29, 2010

As a former Detroiter, I am excited to share positive news about unemployment and  the state of Michigan.  According to,  Michigan had one of the biggest declines in unemployment last month. 

Jobless rates fell in over 230 cities in August 2010…strongest improvement since May 2010.  And there are jobs – just not enough in the right places.  For example, unemployed individuals in Chicago might be able to find a position but would have to sell a home/apartment (at a loss) and move across country to find employment.  And due to the real estate market, many people won’t or can’t take the risk.

Cities with lower than the national average unemployment rates include:
Austin – 7.2%

Boston – 7.6%

Minneapolis – 7.0%

Oklahoma City – 6.3% 

Washington DC – 6.2%