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Don’t Worry…Be Happy!

By In Uncategorized On May 30, 2010

It appears that happiness is all around us – just finished a book this weekend entitled “The Happiness Project” about a woman seeking to find happiness in her life and what this entails.   And then I read an article today in the New York Times stating college graduates are actually happy and optimistic this year in spite of the economy.  They believe good things will happen for them.

I believe there is a message for us – we too can be happy.  My husband lost his money clip with $100 and was upset (subsequently found in the car) and then I saw a homeless person standing on a street corner in shabby clothes collecting money.  Why are we upset over a lost money clip when there is so much else to worry about?   Let’s practice happiness and optimisim in spite of tough economic times…things are getting better.