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College Loans and bleak job prospects….

By In Uncategorized On July 28, 2010

I read today the unemployment rate for adults 20-24 is 15.3% vs 9.5% in the overall population.  And for individuals 18-29, unemployment hasn’t been this high in over 30 years!  And of course we know the cost of college has risen dramatically – bottom line – huge college loans and limited or no financial cushion.

However I cannot stress enough the importance of a college degree for positions in advertising/media.  Most of our clients (media companies and advertising agencies) will not hire anyone who hasn’t graduated from college and please don’t even think about stretching the truth on your resume.  Background checks are a fact of life and if someone states he/she has a degree but really didn’t graduate, it is grounds for dismissal.

Starting out today in advertising isn’t easy but there are positions and many companies are hiring again.  It isn’t as “bleak” as other industries – especially in the digital arena.