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Getting Started: Working With A Recruiter

Working with Sklar & Associates is a simple process that results in our shared goal: We match digital and traditional media professionals with advertising agencies, media companies and corporate clients. To get started, follow these five steps. Step 1: Submit Your Resume[...]

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What To Say When They Ask, “Do You Have Any Questios For Me?”

“So, do you have any questions for me?” For many jobseekers, this simple question induces panic. It doesn’t need to be a stressful moment, though. This inevitable question is a good time to initiate a conversation about the skills you’d[...]

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Thank You Letters: How To Set Yourself Apart From Other Candidates

When looking for a job, there are small gestures that go a long way in setting yourself apart from other applicants. The often-overlooked thank you letter ranks high among these. Only a few years ago, it was standard practice to[...]

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Preparation: What Employers Expect You To Know

The most critical step to securing your next job is to be prepared prior to speaking with your prospective employer. That begins with doing a bit of research. Employers expect you to be well informed about their company, their products[...]

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Cell Phones: How To Maintain Cell Phone Etiquette During The Job Search

Just about everyone has a cell phone and for many of us it’s our only phone. Still, career coaches advise jobseekers to be cautious when using cell phones during a job search, mostly because the static and disconnects that are[...]

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Relocating: How To Make The Most Of Relocating

There are few events in life more rewarding than relocating to a new city. Packing up and moving can be scary; however, people who move for their careers often find that the move opens up rewarding professional and personal opportunities[...]

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