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Black Friday Sales -$$$$

By In Uncategorized On November 30, 2010

Consumer Confidence is up, Black Friday sales increased year-to-year and on Monday online sales rose 19.4%.  All of these factors are good news for the economy and positive indicators.

More and more shoppers are making purchases online but store traffic on the Friday after Thanksgiving was also up with crowds lined up when stores opened.  For the first time, I even shopped at 5:30am on my way to work out and was surprised at how many people were actually standing in line to buy snowsuits for kids, toys and electronics. 

Why does this matter?  Because when consumers shop, advertisers run commercials either online or on-air and more people are working.  Advertising agencies are hiring and retail is hiring.  I also saw ” We are Hiring” signs at the Mall.

Everything helps the economy and hopefully the unemployment numbers will reflect this increased confidence.