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What To Say When They Ask, “Do You Have Any Questios For Me?”

“So, do you have any questions for me?” For many jobseekers, this simple question induces panic. It doesn’t need to be a stressful moment, though. This inevitable question is a good time to initiate a conversation about the skills you’d[...]

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How Sklar Maximizes the Human Factor in Hiring

Every candidate offers a unique set of personal skills and traits that are tough to sort out. The best fit depends on recognizing before the hire how those human factors will play out in the workplace. Look at your organization:[...]

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Encouraging Economic Trends – March 2010

Media executives planning to hire for the recovery are looking at these recent emerging trends: A very low rate of unemployment among affluent wage earners.  The Wall Street Journal reported in early February a 3% unemployment rate for individuals earning more[...]

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Additional Signs of an Economic Turn-Around

Media executives can plan with confidence around the expansion’s staying power because of good news about employment trends...[...]

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Employers Add 162,000 Jobs, Most In Three Years!

“Companies have held back so long, they just can’t anymore...” [...]

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