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Consumers are spending again…and companies are hiring…

A new survey quoted in Monday’s WSJ  shows jobs were created in April at a faster pace (in the last two years)  and companies are hiring again….great news for our candidates.   And in news related to advertising specifically, the Upfront[...]

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“The good news for hiring continues…”

Another promising article today about hiring in the NYTimes – “Rays of Hope for Job Hunters.” Other interesting information in this article that I hadn’t thought of previously concerns the continuing retirement of baby boomers, employers are beginning to realize[...]

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Unemployment Equality

Interesting article in this week’s issue of Barron’s on unemployment figures.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployed male workers and unemployed female workers both have the same duration of unemployment.  In other words, women used to find work quicker[...]

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Job Market continues to show improvement

Today’s news indicates unemployment is slowing with fewer layoffs. We are seeing new opportunities daily as our candidates continue to receive offers.[...]

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