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As we celebrate Labor Day, let’s reflect on the job market!

By In Uncategorized On September 6, 2010

Today is Labor Day; a celebration to the end of summer rather than the working person.  And all we hear about is the lousy economy and the high rate of unemployment.  So let’s take a minute to focus on the positives as we say good-bye to sunshine, beaches and barbecues.

The forecast for jobs is actually improving – even though the number increased to 9.6 from 9.5 last week.  Why?  Because the Census workers have completed their short-term assignments and are now looking for fulltime work.  And more people are beginning to re-enter the job market.

And another positive indicator is the temp market.  One of the largest temporary work companies (Adecco SA) has seen an increase in over 50% in job assignments for workers.    Temporary help services added 17,000 jobs in August 2010 – the biggest gain since 1991.

Let’s continue to focus on the positive signs and as recruiters we are encouraged that more individuals in media have jobs, are changing jobs and continuing to learn and grow in their present positions.

We celebrate for and with our clients and candidates on this Labor Day.