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A Banner Year for Political Spending

By In Uncategorized On August 24, 2010

A new report just released indicates political spending will reach 4.2 billion dollars this year – that’s a lot of ads for mid-term elections.  Does money buy an election, we will see when the results are in.  When I hear about candidates in California, Florida and other states spending 20 million or even more for an election, I have a negative reaction.  Actually I am sad and disappointed. 

What if this same candidate spent the same 20 million to fix our schools and help educate the next generation?  Am I the only person who thinks there are better ways to spend 20 million dollars?  Especially when we receive resumes with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

Of course all of this means local radio will benefit as well as local TV – great news for stations and rep firms across the country!  Hopefully this will lead to more jobs and hiring for broadcasting companies and advertising agencies.