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244,000 new jobs created in April 2011

By In Uncategorized On May 9, 2011

It is difficult to make sense of the numbers – more jobs created in April 2011 -largest gain since 2066 – but the unemployment rate  increased to 9%.

It feels like we are a long way from seeing unemployment numbers as low as before the recession.  And there are a number of reasons for this contradiction and confusion. 

More and more private companies are hiring and we experience this daily in advertising and media.  In fact, the private sector added 268,000 jo0bs in April 2011.  But at the same time teachers are being laid off and local governments are laying off employees due to lower tax revenue.  And of course many of the teachers and municipal employees losing jobs are women.

And as we celebrate the hiring and new jobs in advertising and media, we also pause and think about the millions of unemployed Americans without college educations and the ability to receive multiple offers in digital media.