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1.64 Million Jobs Added in 2011

By In Uncategorized On January 6, 2012

Unemployment numbers for December 2011 and the year were released today to much applause.

Over 1.64 million new jobs were created in 2011; the biggest number since 2006.  However it is only partially good news since over 8 million jobs were lost during the recession.

And in December 2011 200,000 jobs were created bringing the unemployment rate down to 8.5%.

The breakdown of ‘where the jobs are’ is interesting and not all of the 200,000 December jobs were retail related.  In fact,  manufacturing added 23,000 jobs and also healthcare.  Construction added 17,000 and retail was high with 28,000 new jobs.

There does appear to be an uptick in consumer confidence and a definite increase in auto sales.  With this good news, we hope employers will continue to hire into 2012 and the unemployment number will fall.

We are seeing a demand across the country for Digital Managers as well as Media Planners and other levels of media professionals.